Note for launch: There will be a 3% fee for trading the $STRAT - $USDC pair during Epoch 0 (8th fo the 15th of February). All the fees collected will be distributed to veSTRAT holders who voted for that pool.
On Stratum Exchange the trading fees are kept in the originally traded tokens (if you trade $USDC and $STRAT the fees will be kept in the same tokens). Those fees will be given to veNFT voters who voted for that pool for any given epoch.
The trading fees for volatile pools is 0.3%, and for stables pools it is 0.04%. These can be adjusted for up to 0.5% and 0.1% respectively by Stratum DAO voting.
The Variable and Stable liquidity pools can be assigned different trading fees on Stratum Finance in order to drive value to $veSTRAT holders.
Stable Pools
Stable pools are designed for assets which have little to no volatility. This means that the formula used for pricing the assets allows for low slippage even on large traded volumes.
x³y + y³x ≥ k
Variable Pools
Variable pools are designed for assets with high price volatility. These pools use a generic AMM formula.
x × y ≥ k
In future Stratum will release additional pool types such as concetrated liquidity pools.