Introducing Stratum Exchange

Stratum takes inspiration from Solidly, Velodrome and many other similar protocols that have launched since and iterated on the original Solidly model. It is our strong belief that every chain should have a base layer like Stratum, to be used as a public good and deliver liquidity as a service to projects on the network, offsetting harmful ‘costs of doing business’ such as emitting native tokens in order to incentive liquidity. This often results in mercenary liquidity leaving as soon as token emissions dry up, leaving projects with a near insurmountable task of reclaiming their original user engagement.

Changes to the Model

Stratum has adopted some of the changes implemented by newer Solidly forks in an effort to make the DEX as fair to all users and protocols that wish to use it.

These changes include:

  • Introduction of 3pool for deep stablecoin liquidity and a focus on stablecoin growth on Mantle
  • A sustainable emissions schedule (see emissions)
  • Meta Bribes - a way to incentivize better bribes for veSTRAT holders
  • Paritally locked liquidity rewards to turn every user into a governance stakeholder
  • Removal of negative voting to avoid malicious farmers acquiring access to governance.
  • Whitelisted token requirement to avoid selfish LPs and promote blue chip token participation.
  • Trading fees for volatile pairs = 0.3% and trading on stable pairs = 0.04%. Because Mantle network fees are inexpensive when compared to transacting on ETH mainnet, we feel that trading fees should be a key source of value for those that participate in protocol governance through $veSTRAT voting. Our fee structure has been designed in a way to bring the most value to $veSTRAT holders, as they are the most committed participants within the Stratum ecosystem. Traders will also find fees to be lower than most DEX’s and therefore aggregators will often route through Stratum to provide more value back to veNFT voters. The fees are one of the very few adjustable elements and will be able to be changed subject to DAO voting.
  • Launchpad (Roadmap). Our team will be developing a launchpad with the ability for projects to immediately deploy liquidity onto Stratum and receive emissions to their pools via a veNFT loan model which is being developed in-house. This gives an incredible advantage to newly launched projects/tokens to bootstrap their LPs on Mantle with near zero cost.