🏛️Gauge Voting

$veSTRAT holders decide which liquidity pools receive emissions in a given epoch by voting on their preferred liquidity pool gauges. $STRAT emissions will be distributed proportionally to the total number of votes a liquidity pool receives.

In return, voters receive 100% of the trading fees and bribes collected through the liquidity pool they voted for.

Naviate to the 'Vote' tab to cast your votes

Voting for gauges is allowed only once per epoch. This means that;

calling Voter.reset(): used for resetting an NFT vote state and usually required before merging it into another $veSTRAT NFT, counts as an action for the current epoch.

To change your vote to another pool, you will only need to adjsut your vote % and submit votes which does not require the reset function to be called.

While limiting the protocol participants to one action per epoch is not ideal, it does make the protocol safer against potential exploitative behaviour.

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