❓How it Works

Firstly, when using Stratum you may choose to stake in any Liquidity Pool to earn $STRAT emissions. These pools, for example, could be $STRAT-$USDC, $mETH-ETH, 3Pool etc.

Each pool will have varying APRs depending on the percentage of votes it receives within an epoch. Votes will be decided by the veNFT holders on the β€˜Vote’ tab of our website. Projects may lobby for users to vote for their favored pool by incentivising or 'bribing' via the Bribe interface.

Users may lock their earned, purchased or airdropped $STRAT to get $veSTRAT (note: if you were airdropped $veSTRAT you can see your NFT’s value on the β€˜Lock’ page of the Stratum website and you would only need to vote prior to each Epoch change).

$veSTRAT can be locked for up to a maximum of 52 weeks. The longer you lock your $STRAT, the more voting power your $veSTRAT receives. A full 52 week lock means your $STRAT to $veSTRAT will be 1:1 in voting power. A 26 week lock would mean your $STRAT to $veSTRAT will be 1:0.5 in voting power and so on.

With $veSTRAT, users can vote for gauges and govern over the $STRAT emissions distribution.

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