Bribes = Claim your share of the tokens used to bribe the pools for emissions

Trading Fees = a portion of the fees for the pool you voted for, relative to the % of the votes you cast for that pool in total

Emissions = earn emissions for being a liquidity provider. LP's will earn 70% $STRAT and 30% veSTRAT which can be added to an existing veNFT or kept separate

Rebase = earn a rebase on your locked veSTRAT to offset the supply increase due to emissions

Metabribe = protocols are eligible to earn an increased rebase for bribing pools for emissions

Continue to grow your $veSTRAT position by creating the flywheel effect between LP’s and locked veNFT positions.

By doing this you will increase your voting power after each epoch and by consequence, the amount of rewards you will earn on the next epoch.

There may be additional income streams for $veSTRAT holders such as partner incentives, ecosystem incentives and other means to drive protocol supportive behaviour from users.

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