Stratum Exchange

Launchpad (Roadmap)

The Stratum Exchange Launchpad — Novel Approach

At Stratum Exchange, we understand how important it is to enable deep liquidity for your token once it is launched. We also know there is a significant cost assocaited with user acquisition and liquidity provision, so we have created a novel mechanism to help our partners deliver this to users from day one.
We do this through veNFT lending for Launchpad projects who do not have an initial partner veSTRAT allocation.
How will it work?
Projects that choose to launch on Stratum will receive a veNFT loan that can be used to vote for emissions to their pool as soon as liquidity is seeded on Stratum Exchange after their LGE. This means projects can launch on Mantle without the need for inflationary tokenomics in order to reward users for providing liquidity — Stratum takes care of this. The revenue generated by the veNFT through voting can also be kept by the project to help bootstrap their initial treasury.
The veNFT loan contract has been audited by BlockSec and enables Stratum to continually bring on new projects and offer powerful cost savings and revenue streams, while enabling projects access to the already strong Stratum Exchange community!
The Launchpad enables a huge potential for value accrual for veSTRAT holders. Lockers will receive allocations, early access or better prices than the general public on future launches. The Stratum Launchpad is built for governance holders!