Stratum Exchange

Liquidity Pools

The core functionality of Stratum Exchange is to allow users to trade digital assets in a secure way, with very low fees and low slippage.
Slippage is the difference between the current market price of an asset and the price at which the actual trade/transaction is executed. This difference could result in a smaller amount (higher price paid) or a higher amount (smaller price paid) of desired tokens returned from a trade.
To provide access to the best rates on the market, we identified three types of pools:
  • Correlated - for example stable coins ($USDC-$LUSD or $ETH-$mETH)
  • Uncorrelated - for example $USDC and $STRAT
  • 3pool - a pool of 3 assets (such as stablecoins)
Stratum Exchange offers all three different liquidity pools types based on token pair needs, stable pools and variable pools.
The deeper the liquidity of a given pool (higher value locked), the lower the slippage it will offer.
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