Metabribe Details (For Partners)

Partners will receive a loaned veNFT that can be recalled by Stratum following a DAO vote.

If a partner is leveraging it's veNFT position to vote, bribe etc. it is unlikely the veNFT will ever be subject to recall. However the option exists to protect the users of Stratum Exchange from malicious or inactive partners.

Metabribe Guide for Partners:

After receiving your loaned partner veNFT, you should also create a separate veNFT which will be yours to keep. You might want to seed this veNFT with a small amount of veSTRAT.

Once you've got your second veNFT, you will want to direct the Metabribes Rebase to your wholly owned veNFT. To do this, you will need to navigate to the 'Lock' tab where you will see your list of veNFT's. If there is a veNFT that is eligible for Metabribes, it will have the option to 'Claim To'

After this a dialogue will appear allow you to select the veNFT ID you'd like to claim your Metabribe rewards to

Once set, when navigating back to the Vote tab, you will see that veNFT 3 is now routing Metabribes to veNFT 6

Now you simply claim your rewards for veNFT 3 as normal and they will be added to veNFT 6 (in this example) so you can continue to grow your outright veSTRAT position.

Partners who wish to participate in the Metabribes program should reach out to Stratum in Discord or send an email to

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