The initial supply of $STRAT is 25M.

Weekly emissions start at 500,000 $STRAT (2% of the initial supply) and decays at 1% per week (epoch) for the first 20 weeks. After 20 weeks, the emissions decay will decrease to 0.5% per week to slow the emissions decay and create price stability while continuing to reward LPs.

2% of the weekly emissions (10,000 in epoch 1) will be directed to the team wallet each epoch to fund ongoing development, pay for hosting fees and build the next interation of Stratum Exchange.

7% of emissions (35,000 in epoch 1) will be allocated to rewarding protocols who bribe as part of Stratums Meta Bribe initiative. This will remain as 7% of weekly emissions in perpetuity unless otherwise voted on by the Stratum DAO.

The remaining emissions will be directed to the pools as voted by $veSTRAT holders

LP's will earn a portion of liquid $STRAT (70%) tokens and a portion of locked tokens as veSTRAT (30%)

$veSTRAT % supply does not affect weekly LP emissions rates

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