Stratum Exchange


Stratum Exchange is based on the Solidly model which underwent a partial audit in January 2023 and was completed by Peckshield. Only the AMM contracts were in scope and some minor findings were included. Link to the Peckshield audit here:
The contracts that Stratum has adapted are primarily from Velodrome who iterated on Solidly and completed additional audits prior to their launch through Code4Arena - that audit report can be found here:
While the audits completed by PeckShield and Code4Arena are comprehensive, Stratum Exchange developed some new features and contracts that have been provided to BlockSec to complete and independent audit. BlockSec Audit:
With the addition of new bespoke features such as MetaBribes, Stratum has taken the further step to complete an independent audit performed by BlockSec. Results of that audit can be found in the document below:
Stratum Exchange BlockSec Audit.pdf
Startum completed a secondary audit on some minor feature changes on the 7th of February 2024